Testimonials by Footwear By Footskins

Received your cowhide knee boots (style #1740) a few days ago. Good fit. Just in time for the cool autumn weather. Have worn them indoors and out. These are the most comfortable moccasins I've had. Your cowhide is very sturdy but flexible. The multi-layer sole works better on hard surfaces than other soft soles do. (Your sueded "canoe" undersole incidentally is quiet to the point of stealth.)

When I was in my early teens, in the late 1960s, a few of the other boys at school wore moccasin boots. They looked comfortable, but I didn't try them until years later, and then I understood. Good soft-sole moccasins look comfortable, but are more comfortable even than they look. If word ever got around how true this is, everyone would wear them! M. H. from California

I just received my order of ladies Canoe deerskin moccasins and they are absolutely the best. The fit is perfect and the construction is awesome. I will never order from Minnetonka again. You have a new customer for life...Again thank you for your excellent product and your superior customer service. J. H. from Oregon

Just wanted to drop you a note. I recently ordered a pair of men's shoes in deerhide and they are really great! Miles apart from Chinese made junk! I plan to do more business with you and spread the word. Thanks for offering a great American made product!! B. M. from Ohio

Just a quick note to say Thanks! These are really lovely and so soft and comfortable. Thanks also for all your help in getting the right fit for my feet. These mocs are MUCH nicer than the other pair of moccasins I own. J. H. from New Jersey

I received the mocs today. They fit like a dream - love them, so comfortable. I'll be back for more. Thanks also for the hassle-free exchange. Really great customer service! Will have to tell my family and friends about you guys. J. W. from California

I wanted you to know that I think these are the nicest moccasins that I have seen or have ever tried on my feet. I have been searching for a long time. I just love them! I did request a catalog from your website, and when I receive it, I will be happy to share it with friends. R. M. from Pennsylvania

I just received the pair of Teepee Boots which I had ordered a few days ago. What speedy service and what comfortable and cute boots these are. The dark green color is very nice and the fit is perfect. I'm glad I stumbled upon your website this year. J. B. from Montana

Got the boots today and they are terrific! Thanks for getting them right out to me, the high quality of your product and attention to delivery are most appreciated! M. E. from Pennsylvania

Your shoes are wonderful. It is so nice putting on a pair that fits and does not need a breaking in period. I am so glad I found your site. H. H. from Alaska

I recently purchased a pair of knee high mens moccasins, and I feel I must congratulate you on the most comfortable footwear I have ever had. The craftmanship is of the highest standard and the rigours of basic woodland camping suited them perfectly. Regards, I. V. from England

I don't normally do this, but my order arrived yesterday, and I had to write to compliment you on the most comfortable footwear I've ever owned. I grew up in the southwest, and spent a lot of my childhood in moccasins...I went online to look for a pair of real mocs, handmade for comfort, and I'm SO impressed with your products. I promise to be back for all my future "happy feet" necessities. I'll also be buying pairs for grandkids, so they can learn to appreciate the comfort I grew up with, and I have friends from work wanting info to order pairs of their own! I love you, Footskins, keep doing what you're doing. Thank you, R.H. from Florida

I am 66 years old and have always enjoyed walking, so my experience with shoes is long and varied. I require high quality and comfort. Have worn the first two pair of Footskins since March 2004. About a year ago I was stranded and wearing the Footskins #425 shoes. When the 3 mile walk home ended I was amazed that these un-assuming shoes left my feet and legs feeling good. No fatigue at all!

The newest #425 Footskins shoes arrived on Wednesday and I wore them to the office on two days. I walk a lot on my job on hard floors. As usual I put on a pair of Ecco comfort shoes ($140.00) to walk about a mile at lunch. The contrast with the Footskins was too much. I have ordered some #425 Footskins just for walking. Thank You for the Footskins high quality and comfort. T.M. from Virginia

When my old shearling-lined moccasins wore out last year, I went back to Orvis to re-order only to discover that they no longer manufactured the same style. I began a search on the internet and bought (and returned) slippers from Lands' End (sizing way off) and The Company Store in Vermont (sizing way off - ridiculously expensive shipping). After two fruitless attempts to get the slippers I wanted, I was out almost $40 in shippng costs. I then found you via the Internet. I called and spoke with a lovely person who assured me that the 200S-MS were indeed the exact type of slippers that I wanted and that not only did they run true to size, they fairly quickly conformed to the foot.

I received the slippers along with a free shipping coupon. As advertised, they fit well and within 24 hours, had shaped themselves into the comfy shape I am used to. In the box was a handwritten receipt and to it was taped a little bag with two Hershey's kisses. Having dealt with the big, impersonal giants, this little touch really got to me. I decided several weeks later that I would seize the opportunity and get a second pair to have in reserve and take advantage of the free shipping. Time got a little away from me and I was 2 days past the coupon date for the free shipping but the sales person decided to honor the coupon anyway. 

I have just received my second pair of slippers and again, a handwritten receipt with my bag of Hershey's kisses thanking me for my purchase. There is something to be said for the mega e-tailers-they certainly have the funds to publish and mail lots of catalogs with lots of items. However, if they don't have what you are looking for or if what they show does not perform as advertised, it is all for nought. I'm just glad I found you folks-thanks for the personal service; I feel as though someone in Minnesota is making slippers just for me-how they know I love chocolate-well that's just the icing on the cake! C.C. from Massachusetts

When I reached your store, the woman greeted us, showed me the exact boots I wanted in my size. They fit and are VERY comfortable. I wish all my purchase experiences were like this! Already, people have been asking where I bought them. I recommend your shop with the highest marks! Thanks very much! C.S. from Minnesota

This is the 3rd pair of Teepee Boots I have bought from you. I love them! E. P. from South Dakota

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got my moccasins yesterday and am SO PLEASED! I feel like I'm walking on a pillow. I had moccasins handmade for my foot and when that person retired I didn't think I would ever find a comfortable shoe again! I have to spread the word to my friends! Big Smile and Thank you! E.M. from California

I received your shoes today and I am in love with them. It is just like they are your own skin, you can be sure that I will be ordering from you again. Very pleased, T.D. from Florida

Just to let you know that my order was received today and the product is all that I could have hoped for. Thanks for the great service and fine product at a fair price. Can't beat that combination.  P.M. from Florida

I received my pair this week, and I put them on immediately. I almost didn't want to take them off to go to bed, they are that comfortable...I have found so many boots to be overmade, so that the foot never moves, all the walking is done with the legs; one loses some of the sense of the land with footwear like that. I know my new boots will not just give me comfort and security, but will allow me the freedom of movement which is important to me. I can certainly recommend Footskins, and will do so to my friends (and anyone else that asks about them (which I am sure there will be some, they are very attractive, as well). While I don't think I will need another pair anytime soon, when I do need another pair of boots, it will be these. Many thanks for all the assistance, and especially for making such a wonderful gift to the feet! L.A. from California

Hi. I placed an order with you for a pair of men's knee-high boots without fringe in the cream color. My husband received them last night and he is thrilled with the quality and fit. I just wanted to write to say thank you for being willing to provide the boots so quickly in a color not usually made in that size! Thanks for your great service. We'll definitely spread the word about your company! :) S.S. from North Dakota

Just wanted to let you know, they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them and am so glad I ordered them. You have a customer for LIFE!!!!! M.L. from Massachusetts

I absolutely love your website. I have been looking for a choice of moccasins for a long time and couldn't find a site that gave me much of a choice until I found your site...Finding your site was a dream come true. B.J. from Washington

The moccasins I ordered from you arrived today and I am over the moon with them. They were a gift for my husband and he is extremely pleased. Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. T.J. from United Kingdom

Hi, Just got my order and I just want to say: THESE ARE WONDERFUL! Bye, bye Minnetonka! C.A. from Texas

Just to thank you for the fast, efficient service and delivery of the soft-sole moccasins I ordered online. You have some lovely products and I'll pass the word along to friends and family. F.D. from New Hampshire

The (Knee High) boots are absolutely wonderful...If you have biz cards, I will be happy to pass them out to people who are looking for the world's most comfortable trail riding boot...Thanks for the nice job. The (black) leather is perfect, too. B.P. from Minnesota

I just want to say how much I love your moccasins! My son has the toddler mocs, and he wears them everywhere! No hard sole shoes for my little guy!! :) L.R. from Pennsylvania

Hi, I just received my order today; 1 pair each of custom Crepe Sole and Canoe Sole moccasins. They're perfect! They're wonderfully comfortable, and fit better than any shoes I've ever owned...I haven't been able to find moccasins that fit me in 30 years. Fine turnaround time too, even though it was holiday season. Please retain my foot tracings, because you've got a customer for life. I'll recommend you to everyone who compliments me on them. Thanks so much. P.S. from California

I received my order for the custom 740 boots and they fit just fine! R.M. from Connecticut

Hi there, I got my Teepee Boots. They are absolutely beautiful and have had many enquiries over them. People think they are the bee's knees! I have given out your web page details...Talk about walking in bare feet - this is heaven. Best Wishes. L.K. from United Kingdom

Just emailing to let you know what a fantastic job you did on my moccasins (custom made). The comfort is unbelievable and your skills are much appreciated! We were so surprised and happy with your excellent craftsmanship and the speed in which our order was filled...Thanks again for an awesome pair of moccasins :) D.C. from North Carolina

Thank you very much for your service. I love all the slippers I purchased from you. In fact, I gave a pair to my friend in Japan and she loves them, too. I am looking forward to buying MORE! M.I. from Washington

My five year old son accidentally hurt another child with his clunky sneakers, so now he wears Teepee mocs. He *loves* them, gets compliments everywhere he goes and has grown into his second pair. They run small, so order up two sizes - they'll last! L.M.C. from Alabama

My shoes have arrived. They are beautiful and extremely comfortable. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for rushing this custom order so that I would have it in time...I do a lot of mail order and Internet orders. Your customer service tops them all...Thanks again for being such a wonderful company to work with. M.R. from Ohio

You tout the ultimate comfort. Allow me to concur, your sheepskin-lined moccasin that I ordered is just what you advertised...I couldn't find a more comfortable moccasin than the one I received from you...I found you via the internet. Your product will be hopefully found by others who wish to experience 'the best moccasin, for warmth and ultimate comfort, that can be found anywhere'. I love them! R.M. from California

Just wanted you to know that I am very happy with the Teepee boots I ordered from you. They are very soft and cozy, and are beautifully made. I am glad to have found a quality moccasin maker, who uses American leather, made in America by American people. That is a very important aspect of the whole deal. I plan to buy more moccasins from you, in the future. Thanks for a great product. J.C. from Oklahoma

I just got my knee-high deerskin boots today. I ordered the men's (I'm a woman) because I wanted them a little taller than the women's and I have really wide feet. These are hands-down the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet. Right out of the box! Rarely do I feel compelled to write a product review, but this was worth it....If there is any way to thank the craftsperson, they should know that I am a seriously happy camper. American made! Yeah! J.M. from Washington

You make the BEST boots I've ever worn! I've been trading with you folks for ten years and I've never been disappointed! The leather "canoe" sole provides the best feel of the ground upon which I'm walking. I actually can grip the ground with my toes. That sounds like the soles are thin but they aren't. It's just that the materials used, being natural leather, allow me to feel subtle differences in the ground under my feet which makes walking on slippery or rugged terrain much safer. The tall boots keep my ankles and legs warmer in Winter's cold. "Footskins" are just that -- they are like walking barefoot with durable skins. It's hard to explain until a person wears a pair! I also like the fact that everything you sell is made in the USA! From the bottom up! C.D. from Wisconsin

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how absolutely wonderful your boots are. I have a pair of teepee boots that I wear, not just around the house, but to run errands around town. After two seasons, they still look pretty good. I also have a pair of [cowhide] walking boots with the canoe sole. I've also had them for two seasons. Let me tell you how wonderful and durable they are. My family traveled to Iceland during the coldest days of last year. The temperature hovered around zero degrees F for several days. We did a lot of walking on snowy, icy, slushy streets. I hadn't intended to wear them through those conditions, but they turned out to be the most appropriate shoes in my closet, since I live in the southeast U.S. I applied Sno Seal and took a deep breath, sure I'd need a new pair when I got home. Well, surprise, surprise. With time to dry and a little more Sno Seal, they are, no lie, as good as new. They still look fabulous....How are you guys going to make any money this way? Seriously, though, I hope you never change the quality of your moccasins. Your customer service was also excellent. I highly recommend your products. D.A. from Virginia

Those are the BEST "house shoes" I have EVER had!....I look forward each day to getting out of my work shoes and slipping into my new moccasins! Your website was the best of all the ones I looked at trying to find some AMERICAN MADE moccasins! R.G. from Alabama

I had ordered a pair of your canoe sole moccasins #440 summer of 2010. They are great, just what I wanted. I wanted a pair of your men's knee high boots #1740 for hunting and kept putting it off. Little did I know, my wife and three kids went together and bought them for my birthday here in Jan. These boots are awesome, so comfortable, so soft I almost hate to wear them in the woods, but I am -- that's what I wanted them for. Thanks for a great product that's made in the U.S.A. Tell the people there THANKS for doing a great job. B.D. from Michigan

I just got my new leather lace ups and I am in love. These are the most marvelous and comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I couldn't be more delighted w/ your product! And your good all American craftsmen obviously know their business, they are beautifully made. You've got a new customer for life and I will spread the word! Keep up the good work! P.E. from Texas

I purchased a pair of your "teepee boots" for my 16 year old daughter for Christmas and she loves loves loves them. She keeps telling me how great they are, so comfortable, warm with wool socks, just right. It is nice to give something that she likes so much, and also something made here in the U.S. Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. S.L. from Massachusetts

Just want you to know I love the Footskins sheepskin lined slippers I received for Christmas. The big surprise was they were actually made in AMERICA, not china. Thank you. I will certainly let other people know about your products. J.B. from New York

I have been trying to find an excuse to order more Footskins but my 3 pair have never worn out, even after many years and washings! So here's my order for a different style this time! Wonderful moccasins! M.D. from Arizona

I love my Footskins!!!!! They are beautiful and comfortable and so well made. Looking forward to future purchases! M.J. from California

I bought a pair of your 1485 Men's Cowhide Rubber Sole Shoes. These are great shoes -- I wear mine as indoor slippers. Look great, feel great, and very well made....God Bless everyone at Footskins and God Bless America. J.L. from Pennsylvania

I just received my moccasins! They are wonderful and everything I expected. I will definitely be purchasing the rest of my family's shoes from your site soon. I appreciate the quality of American made products and recommend your business to everyone I know. Thanks again for producing a quality product! C.S. from California

I ordered some of your ADORABLE teepee shoes today...I LOVE your style of shoes and love that they are made in America as I am buying all my Christmas presents made in the USA this year....you guys rock! N.H. from California

I ordered a pair of canoe sole moccasins last year and wanted to email you with my feedback. I am very particular with my moccasins....One year later as the weather changes I reach for my favorite footwear, my Footskins moccasins! Not only are they as comfortable as going barefoot...but they have withstood the abuse I give them and look like new!....I read many [testimonials] that said 'my Footskins just arrived and I love them' but to me the durability and longevity is essential. I am on your site looking to buy another pair 'just cause.' Mine are perfect, but doesn't a girl need more than one color? :-) Thanks so much, I have warm, happy feet. M. from Michigan

I received my boots today. To say that I am pleased does not even begin to describe the feeling of putting on those boots. I know something like boots for most people is an after thought, but for someone with the foot problems I have and the amount of money I have spent on boots that don't fit right, to put on the boots your company made for me and combined with your attentive and patient customer service is indescribable.... you have a customer for life. M.C. from Ohio

I just wanted to let you know my new shoes are nice, soft and comfortable. At first, a little tight but adjusted to my feet very quickly. No blisters! Remember those from the old days? Thanks a bunch! D.J. from Iowa

The Molded Sole Moccasins arrived this afternoon: fine fit, great craftmanship, love 'em....years ago, "I should have bought the very best in the first place." Also, I like the idea of being able to have the mocs resoled when they need it or purchasing new insoles. It's also a treat to know that my hard-earned funds (even at this age as a social security person) is going to Americans for American materials and American craftsmanship. L.S. from Texas

Just a quick note to tell you I am totally in LOVE with my Teepee Boots!! The more I wear them the more I love them. What a super product....and they are made in the USA...it doesn't get any better. M.H. from Florida

I received the sheepskin slippers and I want to let you know that they are by far the nicest I have ever owned!! I can't stop touching them either! The size 9 is perfect (I wear an 8 1/2), and they feel wonderful, warm, cozy, and the quality is unmistakable. I will be sure to share with friends that such a fine quality product can still be found made in the USA. I will be back to your site for my next shoe purchase too!... Thank you again for a great product, as it is true craftsmanship! K.T. from Illinois

I ordered an identical pair of brown deerskin boat shoes for my Dad. He normally is hard to please, but he loved these. How he could he not love them? They are the highest quality made right here in the USA from USA materials and priced competitively. What's more, Footskins refused to charge me additional for expedited shipping, since as Footskins pointed out, the shoes would arrive in two days anyhow -- and guess what, the shoes arrived just as promised. Plus as though that wasn't enough, Footskins sent me a coupon for free shipping on a pair of shoes for myself. So now I'm placing my order. I can't wait to wear my new Footskins. Thank you Footskins. You have earned a loyal customer for years to come. J.H. from Louisiana

Just to let You Guys know, the moccs came in today and fit like a glove!!! I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the quality of the boots, THANK YOU!!! S.O. from California

I love my Teepee Boots! I ordered my first pair from you in the deertan [saddle] color with the fringe collar and will be ordering the other colors in the future. I couldn't ask for a better boot: comfy, well-made, cute, and reasonably priced, I know I'll get lots of compliments! These are great for my wide feet and for anyone who enjoys the "barefoot" feel of wearing shoes with flexible soles. M.S. from Washington

I just received my 1740 Size 12 Kneeboots. They fit and look great!... My main concern with boots like this has always been how they would work on steep hillsides in Minnesota. First thing I did after putting them on was to walk down a very steep embankment. Because my foot could feel the ground, it was no trouble at all. I'm sure the rough texture of the leather on the bottom also helps grip. I very much look forward to adding these to my traditional 1700's style hunting clothing and hitting the woods with my flintlocks in search of area game. Thanks for a great product and I will be back again! M.H. from Minnesota

Received my order today [Canoe Sole Moccasins and Canoe Sole Walking Boots]. I am delighted. I am 79 years old and nothing fits or is as comfortable as a Moccasin. They are feeling great. D.B. from Kentucky

Thank you for making such a great pair of boots! My Women's Cowhide Knee High Boots 8 Dark Brown 14 inch are everything I had hoped and more, could not be more pleased. The fit is very true to size. S.B. from Michigan

I received my knee high boots today [#1740]. Haven't taken them off. Perfect. Awesome work, awesome service! J.O. from New Mexico

I wanted to let you know that my deerskin canoe sole mocs arrived. When I first tried them on I thought they seemed much too long. After wearing them around on a rug and while sitting for an evening they had spread out to my widish feet and gotten shorter. I am thrilled with these mocs. They are so comfortable I may never go outdoors again so I never have to take them off... I absolutely love them. If they don't outlive me (I'm 69) I will buy another pair. I like them so much I'm thinking about willing them to a friend. C.P. from Maine

I received my men's canoe boots this Monday and have been wearing them around after work all week. I must say these are the best moccasins I have owned. They're comfortable, well made and scream quality.... I anticipate many years and adventures in these exceptional moccasins. I will definitely be recommending Footwear by Footskins to all my friends and all who ask about these moccasins. Thanks again. M.S. from Maryland

I recently bought a pair of the cow skin knee high boots and love them. I wish I would have ordered a long time ago. I am impressed with the workmanship and quality. All at a reasonable price too. Thank you again. E.H. from California

I just wanted to let you know I love your company. I wear my women's moccasins every day. They are comfortable and strong and it is great to know they were made in the USA. My granddaughter loves her sheepskin lined slippers, and I just ordered her a bigger pair, since she outgrew her others. She will be 4 this month and loves her slippers. Thanks for making them. A.W. from Vermont

I received my product [Style #4495] and I would like to tell you that I received the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on. I love that they are made in the USA and that they look amazing. I will be ordering more very soon! J.S. from California

After searching for moccasins (realizing Minnetonka's quality is suffering), I found you. The Deerskin rubber sole [Style #425] I ordered and received are comfortable, well made, and made in America. I totally love them. Thank you so much for this fine moccasin. A.R. from New Jersey

I faxed an order for custom made teepee boots. Your staff made them for my daughter inspite of the fact that it was your busiest season and that you usually don't custom make these boots. They are so beautifully made. My daughter has a genetic disorder that builds bone and shoes are a nightmare to find. You have a lifelong customer in us! God bless you all! D.M. from Pennsylvania

BTW, 2 years now on my "Men's Lace-up Classic Rubber Sole Shoes" in black deertan and they are holding up great. And so very comfortable! D.U. from Colorado

Love my new moccasins! [Style #1230] Thank you so much for your quality workmanship and that they are made in the USA. I have been looking to purchase only items made here and they are hard to find anymore. I appreciate the quality of the shoes. Thanks so much! M.K. from Illinois

I received my new Footskins walking boots Friday. WOW! They are fantastic... Thanks for making such a great product! D.U. from Colorado

Received my special order chukkas, and have worn them since Saturday. They are so comfortable...My feet are forever grateful. S.C. from Wisconsin

I've worn Footskins products for many years. They're well worth it. L.W. from California

I received the Knee High Cowhide Boots, over three years ago. I wear them in the Woods, teaching tracking and for Traditional Archery ALOT. These boots are on my feet every weekend. They are amazingly tough, comfortable and very quiet. If you take care of them and keep them oiled they are built to last. 3 years and they are still going strong. Like 'em so much I just ordered the shorter version. Wish could get 3 years out of some of these "Modern" boots. Thank you Footskins for your high quality of work. J.B. from Mississippi.

These are by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned [Style #540].  Whatever you're doing over there, keep doing it.  I hope to buy from y'all again soon.  M.J. from California

I recently ordered a pair of your deerskin teepee boots.  I've had them for about a month and wear them daily.  These things are awesome!!  They're so comfortable and my feet feel great not having to wear traditional shoes.  I'm so glad I found your website when searching for moccasins.  The quality and workmanship seem top notch ...  I love these things!  D.W. from Louisiana

I have been buying your sheepskin lined moccasin slippers for over 10 years, and cannot tell you how impressed I am with the comfort and longevity of them.  You make the best slipper I've ever had, and will be a lifelong customer.  Thank you!  M.T. from New York

Got my shoes today [Style #4495].  They are awesome.  They fit fantastic, feel great, look really good.  I'm stoked.  Thanks for making such a great product.  T.H.  from California

OK, I've been wearing these shoes [Style #1497] for about two weeks now, and they're everything I was hoping they'd be.  Comfy, sturdy, yet light in weight.  Email from a Maryland customer

I ordered a pair of molded sole sheepskin slippers ... They are luxuriously comfortable and eye catching.  And because I'm currently working from home, they have become my new office loafers.  I'm glad to have finally broken the cycle of repeatedly replacing cheap slippers.  P.B. from Kansas
These boots [Black Deertan Knee High Boots] are beautiful!  Thank you for the extra effort and high quality ... I really like them!  I'm wearing them in the mountains right now going around in the grass and they are feeling very good!  T.S. from Montana

I have received my Men's fringe knee high boots and am very impressed with the workmanship that was done on them.  They are a perfect fit and I am very pleased with them.  They are everything that I could ask for in a good soft moccasin boot.  J.R. from Oklahoma

... I now have my shoes [#440 in cowhide].  I am very impressed with them.  They are so comfortable and the quality speaks for itself.  M.P. from England

Thank you for making products in the USA. It gives me great comfort to know that my baby can wear something proudly made in his own country. It also gives me peace of mind to know that the quality is good. Please keep doing what you're doing!   D.T. from California

Thank you folks for the great fitting moccasins [Style #541C in Cowhide].  Here's to yours and Footskins Health and Longevity.  L.M. from Massachusetts

I wanted to send you guys an email that I got my first pair of slippers from you guys yesterday.  I ordered the sheepskin rubber sole slippers and I have to say, they are easily the best slippers I've ever owned.  I have no doubt that they will last a really long time.  The quality and craftsmanship is excellent.  I will be telling my friends and family about you guys ... Thanks again and keep up the good work!  M.L. from Wisconsin

The shoes [Style #4410-MS] feel amazing - very warm and comfortable.  J.S. from Missouri

Fantastic:  I bought a pair of the women's soft canoe moccasins [in deertan] about a year or two ago.  I wear them inside and outside and basically abuse them.  They simply have not worn out.  I can't wait to try another product .... Thanks for a great product.  P.E. from New York

Best slippers ever [Style #1237S]. Love, love, love.  Fit perfectly and warm ... You have a life time customer now.   B.C. from Washington

Hey just wanted to shoot a quick message to you guys and say thanks for making some high quality stuff!  I wear these [Style #4400S-MS] in the house every day while I work from home during the pandemic.  J.W. from Minnesota

Thank you so much I love your shoes!  [Style #297]  Comfortable, cute and good quality, made in the USA.  What more can someone ask for?  M.R. from Washington

I just received your style 495 in deerskin and its wonderful.  I've never had a pair of new shoes that felt broken in the first time I put them on.  F.S.U. from Ohio

My boots [Style #541] arrived today and they are perfect.  The [cowhide] leather is wonderfully soft and they smell so, so good!  They are as handsome in person as they were in the photos.  I was happy to see that even the insole is made in the U.S. ... I'm so happy that your company exists.  I am a creature of habit and I believe I've found my new shoes for life....  Thank you again for offering a well-made and affordable shoe.  B.G. from California

I just wanted to ... give you an update on my slippers order, receiving them exactly one year ago today.  I LOVE MY SLIPPERS! [Style #4400S] They're by far the best slipper I've ever owned.  I wear them nearly every day, and bring them with me on vacation.  My feet are so spoiled....  I recommend your company to everyone that asks (or doesn't ask).  M.C. from Washington

Well done!  Great slippers, very toasty [Style #4400S].  C.M. from Maryland

I'm paying it forward.  I received a pair of Footskins [#2210-MS] and they are awesome!  Now I'm going to give them as a gift and make another pair of feet happy  :)  Thanks for making such a great product right here in the USA.  D.U. from Colorado

I want to say thank you for the pair of men's classic rubber sole shoes I ordered and received today.  I immediately tried them on, and they are an outstanding fit; very comfortable!  I intend to wear them often during the forthcoming holiday season, and I suspect you may get additional orders as a result...  Thanks again for the quality shoes....  C.S. from Pennsylvania

Email from an Oklahoma customer:  "I received my order and wanted to thank you for these outstanding slippers [#4400S-CFS]!  They're great!"

I wanted to let you know that my husband LOVES his new slippers [#4400S-RS]!  Worth every penny!  The quality is really top notch.  Thank you!  M.W. from New Jersey

Try to buy Made in USA when I can.  Sometimes good, sometimes OK.  These slippers [#4400S-RS] are literally the best part of my day.  They look good and feel fantastic.  Going to check out your shoes next.  M.R. from Pennsylvania

I got them [#4410-RS] and it was worth the wait; you make the bestest slippers!!!  M.R. from California

I got the boots [#2640F-RS] in on Thursday and they are fantastic!  Very supple and they fit like a glove.  I can't believe how comfortable they are.  It's like wearing house slippers outside of the house.  C.W. from Maryland

I wanted to let you know I LOVE my moccasins!  [#235]  No cramped toes, solid footing, beautiful workmanship....  Very happy and satisfied.  K.C from New Hampshire

My shoes [#4497] arrived on time and they are wonderful.  I was in the shoe industry in the 1980's, 10 years, and the quality of your product is excellent.  The fact that these shoes are completely lined with leather is amazing, and something you only see in high-end footwear like Allen Edmonds.  I really have enjoyed the [canoe sole] moccasins [#1440] I ordered last year, and wear them often, especially around the farm.  They are comfortable and are good for my back.  Thank you for offering quality products.  H.W. from Texas

I absolutely love my Teepee Boots [#250].  They are so soft and comfortable - great for my neuropathy feet.  S.B. from Texas

I just received my slippers [#4400S-RS] and pouches [#CP20 & #CP30]and am amazed by the beautiful craftsmanship and quality of work that went into making the most comfortable slippers I've ever had the pleasure of wearing!  Love the pouches too, great feel to the leather and sturdy stitching.  Thank you so much for providing such quality goods made in our Great US of A!  C.M. from Missouri

Can't tell how much I love what you made for me!  My tootsies are so happy in these Moccasins!  [#275-CFS & #240]  M.R. from Connecticut

Hello Footskins folks,
Just thought I'd let you know I received my order today and they are so comfortable right out of the box [#400]. This is my second pair as my first ones have a hole in the bottom, been wearing them for years! My wife also wears Footskins in the Ankle Moccasins with fringe cuffs in blue color. She always gets asked about them and the ladies want to know were to get them. So we tell them about your great products. Have a great holiday season this year.  PS: A happy customer!!!  J.F. from South Dakota

My new boots [#1541C] are beautiful; they are comfortable; they arrived quickly; they are perfect!  If I am ever up your way, I will definitely stop by the store.  Once again, I am very happy with both the product and the customer service.  D.A. from Virginia

Got the boots [#1740-CFS].  Just had a chance to open them.  They fit very well and look great.  Thanks again.  N.G. from New Jersey
[further note from N.G.:]
I first got a pair of knee-high boots in 2021 [#1740-CS], and I wore them while working on a livestock farm in Maine.  They were so comfortable that I started to wear them both at work and every other outing.  I moved to the city and walked everywhere in them.  I wore the sole down very thin....  On a whim I messaged Footskins about it and they... offered to sell me a pair [of the new Cushion-Flex soles].  I decided to learn how to use a sewing awl and contact cement to repair the boots.  I liked the footwear so much that I bought a second pair with the Cushion-Flex sole in case I ruined mine.  It turned out, however, that I learned a new set of skills and I've got a pair for my dirty job and a pair for everything else.  One thing I noticed between the two pairs is that the Sorbothane insoles have a similar springiness even after one of the pairs has seen everyday use for two years.

We just wanted to let you know that my husband is BANANAS about his new slippers [#4400S-RS].  He says they are the best shoes he's ever put on....  Very impressed with your company and will definitely recommend it to others!  E.T. from Oregon

I received my Footskins yesterday [#497-CFS].  I am very impressed with the Quality and workmanship.  The sizing is spot-on.  B.C. from California

In March 2021 I received my Men's [Cowhide] Canoe Sole Moccasins from you.  I have absolutely loved them.  I wear them continuously from entering my house until exiting my house.  As soon as I walk in the door, front or back, I change.  [Three years later,] The pair I have is finally going in the trash with both heels worn through and a hole in the ball area of the foot.  I want to order another pair of the same....  You make a great product and I will continue to order them after each pair wears out.  J.S. from Arizona

I got them [#440 in cowhide] yesterday, they are absolutely incredible.  I really can't believe how comfy they are compared to every mocc I've had in the past.  Leather sole is wonderful... These are seriously the best around the house shoes I've ever worn.  Thank you so much!!!  C.D. from New York

I received the new boots [Special Order #1541] and they are lovely... and are very comfortable, just what I wanted and how I imagined them.  I'm so grateful for your wonderful service and workmanship.  I recommend you whenever talking about shoes....

It's hard to ask for a better customer service experience than what I got from Footskins.  We had to talk on the phone a few times because I was returning a pair of boots that didn't fit, and they needed to do a custom size for the exchange.  Two things are clear about their people:  (1) they know their products forwards and backwards, and (2) they love their company.... They want to make sure I get the best possible pair of shoes they can make for me, and that's exactly what they do.  Who else can come close to offering that kind of experience these days?  To be able to buy something straight from the people who made it, at a price comparable (or even better) than shoes of similar quality from a big brand, is extraordinary now.  And it's a joy.  I love my Footskins shoes:  every part of them is beautifully made.  Start with moccasins and go from there.  You'll never look back.  R.A. from Maryland

Just wanted to take a moment to tell you that I could not be happier with these boots [#1740].  They are very well made and comfortable right out of the box.  They took no time to get here and your customer service is second to none.  I wear them everywhere and they are holding up wonderfully.  I will be ordering another pair.  Keep doing what you are doing.  J.P. from New York

I received my shoes [#297] today & they are perfect!  Thank you very much.  They are beautifully made & I love them!  ...finding shoes that have good support & don't allow your foot to "swim" around inside the shoe is huge!  E.H. from Alabama

I purchased your Men's Wrap-around Rubber Sole Shoes.... I've waited 6 weeks to send this review because I wanted to give them a fair trial.  They are FANTASTIC!  For years I wore [another brand] moccasins.  Then in the early 2000s they changed manufacturing to a different country and the sizing changed.  Also the quality went away and they fell apart in a few months.  I've been looking for a suitable moccasin ever since.  I've found them in your product! ... Your Deertan Leather is outstandingly soft and supple - like wearing soft leather gloves.  Thank you so much.  I'll be ordering another pair!  R.B. from Florida



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