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Who Are We?
Footwear by Footskins is an American manufacturer of fine quality handmade deerskin, deertan and cowhide moccasins and moccasin footwear, which includes moccasin shoes, chukka-style, ankle high walking boots, knee high moccasin boots, moccasin slippers, and custom made moccasins. We also offer deerskin coinpurses and cowhide pouches. Footskins has provided comfortable moccasin footwear for almost four decades with the skills passed down from one generation to the next. We have grown and expanded while still maintaining our ability and care to meet your individual footwear needs.

Where Are We Located?
Footwear by Footskins is located in Spring Grove, Minnesota (USA). Spring Grove is situated in what is known as Bluff Country, a scenic area of rolling hills and valleys in southeastern Minnesota near the Mississippi River. All of the moccasin footwear that we sell is handcrafted and made in America right here in Spring Grove. Please feel free to stop in and visit our store at 110 East Main Street in Spring Grove. We are open from 8:00 - 5:00 CST, Monday - Friday and 9:00 - 12:00 on Saturday.

Email from a Minnesota customer: "When we reached your store, the woman greeted us, showed me the exact boots I wanted in my size. They fit and are VERY comfortable. I wish all my purchase experiences were like this! Already, people have been asking where I bought them. I recommend your shop with the highest marks! Thanks very much!"

What Makes Footskins' Moccasin Footwear Special?

*Made in America: Footskins moccasin footwear products are 100% made in the USA. Each pair is handcrafted using high quality American deerskin and cowhide leather and genuine American sheepskin for our slipper lining.

*Quality Moccasins:
Our handcrafted moccasin products use a high grade of deerskin or cowhide leather and feature hand-laced toes and soles that are both glued and stitched. Our moccasin footwear outlasts similar products by the competition. We use a double layer of deerskin leather in most of our moccasin styles to provide extra strength and durability.

*Handmade or Custom Made:
Being handmade rather than mass produced, each pair is carefully crafted with much attention given to the details. The result is a superior moccasin product with high quality and workmanship you can count on pair after pair. We also custom make moccasins.

For people with latex allergies, many of our styles are latex free. Please inquire for details.

For people who want all natural moccasins, request in the Order Notes that the synthetic Poron cushion insoles be left out.  We will replace the Poron insoles with leather insoles.

What Makes Footskins' Moccasins So Comfortable?
In Footskins' moccasins, the flexibility and buttery softness of deerskin and the specially tumbled softness of our cowhide and deertan are combined with true moccasin construction to make exceptionally comfortable moccasins and moccasin footwear. In our deerskin, some of the stretch is taken out before the footwear is made to prevent them from stretching too much on the feet. This allows the deerskin to comfortably mold to your feet for a natural custom-like fit.  Our other leathers have been tumbled to give them a soft, almost deerskin-like feel.

Which Leather Should I Choose?
Why Deerskin Leather? Deerskin is unsurpassed for being breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. Simply put, deerskin leather will conform to your feet more easily. It moves with your feet and gives where you need it to give. Because of this, it requires no breaking in period as most leathers do. Deerskin leather will stay soft even after being wet repeatedly. It is a superior leather for many foot problems.

What Makes Deerskin Special?
We use two layers of premium deerskin in most of our moccasin styles for the ultimate in buttery soft, lightweight, breathable comfort. The softness and flexibility of our deerskin moccasin footwear provide a more natural shoe that allows your feet to do the walking rather than just your legs. Our deerskin moccasin footwear is perfect for "problem" feet--bunions, corns, and other sensitive areas. The softness of our deerskin will readily conform to the shape of each individual's feet. This eliminates the rubbing and irritation during the normal break-in of stiffer leathers. Because of its breathability, deerskin is very comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter. Deerskin stays soft after it has been wet and is easy to care for.

Any styles not stocked in deerskin can be made in deerskin by special order. Contact us for details!

Why Cowhide Leather? Though deerskin leather is strong, cowhide is tougher and more resistant to abrasion. Cowhide will be more durable, hold its shape better, give more support and with a little care, look better longer. It will hold up better in rough conditions. Cowhide can be waterproofed and should have a leather conditioner applied from time to time to maintain its softness in harsh conditions. By using high quality Texas steer hides that are specially tanned and tumbled, we have a cowhide leather that is thick for extra durability, yet soft and flexible for comfort.

Why Deertan Leather? Due to the limited supply of deerskin and its continually increasing costs, we offer deertan leather as an option to fill our customer's needs for durable, soft leather. This cowhide leather is specially tanned to our specifications by an American tannery to be similar to deerskin with the added bonus of being more durable -- and as a result, is easy to care for.

 <<<--- COLORS  (from left to right):
Sequoia, Taupe, Brown, Saddle -- Creme, Saddle, Brown, Gray 

(Cowhide and Deerskin leathers also include Black)
Deertan Leather is available in Creme, Saddle, Brown and Black

Which Color Is Brown?
Brown is the dark brown, and Saddle is the medium brown.

Note about Photographs and Colors:

We at Footskins try to get an accurate representation of each style in our photographs.  Colors may vary based on location and lighting; and, as with all digital photographs, colors may vary from screen to screen.  Leather colors also vary between dye lot batches from our tanneries.

What Are SorboAir® or Poron® Insoles?

Specified styles have SorboAir® insoles. SorboAir® insoles have air-infused Sorbothane® heel-to-toe for maximum shock absorption and comfort. SorboAir® insoles have a molded arch support and cupped heel for rear foot stability. The Poron® top cover wicks away moisture and provides additional cushioning.

In our other styles we use Poron® insoles which provide excellent cushioning. Poron® materials are known for their high rebound, unlike materials used for most standard moccasin insoles. Poron® insoles are also breathable and antifungal. These insoles are used either between leather layers or with a covering of smooth leather, depending on the footwear style.

What Are The Main Differences In Your Soles?

Our Classic Rubber Sole with heels has a firmer, more shoe-like feel.  The Wrap-around Rubber Sole is a durable, flexible side-stitched sole with a moccasin feel.  This premium rubber sole has a slight rise at the heel.  The Molded Sole is a very thin, flexible side-stitched sole.  This lightweight sole is available in women's sizes only.  Our Cushion-Flex Sole is a flexible, lightweight cushioning rubber sole that is very slip-resistant with a wavy tread.  This sole is used flat in 7mm thickness for lightweight moccasins and in 14mm thickness with an additional heel in various shoes and boots.  Our durable Canoe Sole is made of thick cowhide leather. The TPR Rubber Sole is flexible and slip-resistant. The Natural Crepe Rubber Sole is very flexible and has a pebble grain texture.

Do You Sell Moccasins Wholesale?
Yes, we do sell our moccasins wholesale. Please call us toll free at 888-720-3131 or e-mail us at service@footwearbyfootskins.com to request our wholesale information.

How Do I Choose Moccasins for Size?
As soft leather accommodates sizes more easily, we stock whole sizes in a medium width only. For moccasin style footwear, it is better to start with a snug fit as it will readily give and conform to your feet with wear. We recommend you buy your normal shoe size. If you wear a half size, it is usually better to go down a half size (except for sheepskin slippers) since our moccasin footwear is a little generously sized. If you are ordering any of our sheepskin-lined styles or if your feet are wider, you may want to go up in size. A functional lace on our slip-on moccasin styles also helps to adjust for fit.

We also offer custom-made moccasins and moccasin footwear to fit extra wide, narrow, or unusually shaped and hard-to-fit feet. If you question the need for custom footwear or if you need slightly wider or slightly narrower footwear, please feel free to send us tracings and measurements of your feet as is described in the section on Custom Moccasin Footwear. You will find the Custom Footwear link in the top navigation bar or in the Helpful Information section in the footer at the bottom of our website.


5352 1/222
6363 1/223
737 1/24 1/224
8395 1/225
9406 1/226
10417 1/227

*Women with sizes larger than size 10 can order a men’s size or contact us for other options. Men’s sizes are two sizes different than women’s sizes. For instance, the equivalent of a women’s size 11 is a men’s size 9.


6395 1/224
7406 1/225
8417 1/226
942 1/28 1/226 1/2
10449 1/227 1/2
114510 1/228
124611 1/229
134712 1/230

*Men’s Sizes larger than size 13 can be ordered as a custom size. See “Custom Footwear” link at the top of our home page www.footwearbyfootskins.com


*Measuring for children’s footwear: Depending on how the shoe will be worn, trace either bare or sock covered feet on a piece of paper. Then measure the tracing of the longer foot from the heel to the tip of the longest toe.

 Our Bootie Size Foot Length/in. Foot Length/cm.
Infants   Small (1) 3 1/29
Medium (2) 410
Large (4) 4 1/2 11 1/2
Toddlers Small (3) 4 1/4 10 1/2
Medium (5) 5 12 1/2
Large (7) 5 3/4 14 1/2

*These measurements will fit the foot fairly close.

 Our Shoe SizeFoot Length/in.Foot Length/cm.
Childrens85 3/414 1/2
106 3/816
116 3/417
137 3/818 1/2
17 3/419 1/2
38 3/821

*These measurements provide a small amount of extra room.For larger sizes: Child’s size 4 is equivalent to a Women’s size 6 and a Child’s size 5 is equivalent to a Women’s size 7 and so on.


How Long Can I Expect Footskins Moccasins To Last?

Because our footwear is handcrafted using special techniques and quality deeskin or cowhide leather, you can expect our moccasin footwear to last as well or better than any other similar products. We have received numerous compliments from customers referring to the quality of our footwear, some stating that they last 2 - 3 times longer than other similar brands. As with any product, proper use and wear will prolong the life of the footwear. Neglect and misuse will shorten the time of wear.

How Do I Care For Deerskin Moccasin Footwear?
Deerskin is easy to care for. It will stay soft even after repeatedly getting wet and dry. Because of this it is not necessary to treat it with a protection from water. Many leather protectors will darken the leather and/or affect the breathability of the deerskin. We recommend that you test any leather care products first to insure the results that you desire. Most soiled spots can be removed by gently hand washing using a mild soap and water. You should always let the moccasin leather dry naturally. For grease spots, apply baby powder and let sit 24 hours to absorb grease before brushing off. Repeat if necessary. When needed, a quality shoe cream can be applied to touch up scuff marks.

How Do I Care For Deertan Moccasin Footwear?
As with deerskin, leather conditioners are not required to keep deertan leather soft; but may be applied for additional protection if desired. DO NOT use products containing solvents.  Also, if needed deertan leather can be kneaded with the hands to soften it up again.  If soiled, use a damp cloth to clean.  Follow additional care instructions for deerskin. 

How Do I Care For Cowhide Moccasin Footwear?

Because of the natural oils in the cowhide leather, it is not necessary to apply a finish before initial use.  To protect the leather and extend the life of your footwear, quality leather conditioners may be used as needed.  Some products may darken the leather.  DO NOT use products containing solvents. Cowhide can be waterproofed. If necessary, use a damp cloth to clean.

How Do I Care For Sheepskin?

To care for the sheepskin lining, an occasional vacuuming works well to remove lint.  If there are soiled areas, you can hand wash the sheepskin area with mild soap and water.  Air dry.  Another idea is to use talcum powder sprinkled on the sheepskin dry, and then vacuum for freshening and removing some soil.

How Do I Care For Suede?

Clean suede with a soft brush.

Can I Pay via Check?
Yes, if you wish to purchase our items via check, you can download our order form here:

Do You Have Gift Certificates?
Yes! Do you need a gift in a hurry, can't decide what to choose, or don't know the size? When you do not know what to buy, one of our gift certificates can be the answer for you.  Footskins offers two options. If you are short on time, our Electronic Gift Certificate gets there quickly. We also have attractive Paper Gift Certificates that are sent through regular mail.

Electronic Gift Certificates:
With an E-mail Gift Certificate, your recipient will receive an e-mail certificate notifying them of your gift. It can include a personal message from you (please provide in the Order Notes).
Electronic Gift Certificates

Paper Gift Certificates:
You can also have a gift certificate sent to your recipient via USPS regular mail along with our moccasin footwear catalog. If you choose this option, an attractive gift certificate will be mailed to your recipient within 48 hours. If you wish a note can be included with a personal message from you (noted in the Order Notes).
Paper Gift Certificates

How Do I Redeem A Footskins Gift Certificate?

E-mail: E-mail service@footwearbyfootskins.com with the name and style number of the items you would like to order including color and size. The information on the gift certificate must be included. Include your mailing address. You can also use our PDF order form (link above).

Mail Order: Fill out our PDF order form (link found above). Send your order along with your paper gift certificate or a printout of your E-mail Gift Certificate to Footskins, Box 146, Spring Grove, MN 55974.

By Phone: Choose what you wish to order. Call toll free 888-720-3131 weekdays 8 - 5, CST, to place your order. Be sure to have your gift certificate so you can give us the information on it when you order.

Fax: Fill out our PDF order form found through the link above.  Fax 507-498-3707 with the items you have ordered including color and size. The information on the gift certificate must be included.

In Our Store: Bring your gift certificate information to Footwear by Footskins' store at 110 E. Main Street, Spring Grove, MN USA. Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays, open from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Saturdays.

How Do I Contact Customer Service?
*The Customer Service information on our Web site is located by clicking on the Customer Service link at the top of the home page or in the Customer Care section of the footer at the bottom of our website.

*You can also reach our Customer Service by e-mail at service@footwearbyfootskins.com

*You can phone us at: 507-498-3707 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00, CST.

*Or you can write to us at:

Footwear by Footskins
P.O. Box 146
Spring Grove, MN 55974 USA

Do You Have Secure Online Shopping?
Yes, we use Secure Servers with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission. This enables us to encrypt any data sent to our web server, and in turn our server will encrypt any data sent back to your web browser. When placing an order, you will notice that on the page where you enter your personal information, the URL will change from http to https. This indicates that you are on a secured page. This means you can safely enter your entire credit card number when prompted by our online purchasing system, and it cannot be read in transit. If you choose not to use your credit card, you may still place your order using the phone, fax, or mail payment method.

What Are Shipping Charges?


Total PurchasesAdd
Up to $35.00 $6.50
Up to $55.00 $11.50
Up to $70.00$12.75
Up to $150.00 $14.50
Up to $200.00 $16.50
Up to $350.00 $17.50
Up to $400.00$22.50
Up to $500.00$29.00
Over $500.00 5% of order

* Premium Shipping:
Shipped via UPS 2nd Day Air Add $20.00 to the standard rates above.

In certain situations, additional charges may apply.

  • For other shipping options including Next Day, please call:
  • toll free 888-720-3131
  • Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm, CST, or
  • E-mail us at service@footwearbyfootskins.com

When Will My Order Arrive?
Most orders are usually shipped in about 1-2 weeks; except during high volumes of orders, at which time we will have a notice on the shopping cart page about the extended lead time.  Arrival time will vary based on destination. Orders are usually shipped by standard UPS Ground. For faster shipment, check Premium 2nd Day Air (UPS) shipping on your order form. Expedited orders are shipped in 2 - 3 business days (except during busy times when expedited orders will ship in about a week).  The exception to this is during the busy Christmas shipping time when expedited orders are reckoned to be "Delivery by Christmas" orders.  However, if you have chosen expedited shipping and need delivery even earlier, please state this in the "Order Notes" including a requested delivery datePlease let us know if you are hoping for a specific arrival date.

Need it tomorrow? Please check with us for availability of Next Day shipping. Call 888-720-3131 weekdays 8 - 5, CST.

Note: Additional time must be allowed for specially made items.

Do You Accept International Orders?
We do accept international orders. All orders are subject to our approval process. To insure proper delivery, please include the recipient's phone number.

Payment for International Orders:
We accept only PayPal payment for international orders.  Upon receiving your order, we will email you an invoice from PayPal which you will need to pay upon receipt.

International Shipping Rates:
Because of varying costs, shipping charges for international orders are not added in the shopping cart when you place your order.  On your order detail page and confirmation email, you will see that shipping is "to be determined."  You will receive an email from Footskins with your exact shipping rate options through USPS.  The two options we usually use are Priority Mail International or Express Mail International, which include insurance and tracking.  When you email us with your choice of shipping, we will send you a PayPal Invoice with your order total including shipping.

For approximate international shipping charges, please see the International Orders page.

For exact international shipping charges, please phone 507-498-3707
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm, CST
, or e-mail service@footwearbyfootskins.com
All duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.

What Should I Do If I Have A Problem With The Web Site?
If you experience any problems with our Web site, we would like to know about it. If you receive error messages or have trouble checking out, please e-mail us at service@footwearbyfootskins.com or phone toll free 888-720-3131
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00, CST. We will help get the problem solved as soon as possible. You may also place your order by phone.

To Place An Order, You Have To Set Your Browser To "Accept Cookies":
Yes, your browser has to be set to accept cookies before you can place an order at Footskins. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but if you are having trouble ordering, you may need to change settings to enable cookies. The use of cookies is standard on the Internet only to make on-line shopping easier and quicker. Our use of cookies in no way affects your privacy. If you choose not to use cookies, you may still place your order toll free by phone at 888-720-3131 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00, CST.

P.O. Box 146, 110 E. Main St.
Spring Grove, MN 55974 USA
Phone & Fax: 507-498-3707

Email: service@footwearbyfootskins.com



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