Men's Classic Rubber Sole Shoes

Item #425

$93.50 - $133.50

This comfortable moccasin style shoe with sturdy rubber soles and supportive insoles is available in deerskin, deertan and cowhide leathers.
Priced at $93.50 to $133.50

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Size: 6, Deerskin, Black - $93.50

Cowhide, Brown - $105.00
Cowhide, Black - $105.00
Deertan, Saddle - ($11.75 extra)
Deertan, Brown - ($11.75 extra)
Deertan, Black - ($11.75 extra)
Deerskin, Saddle - ($28.50 extra)
Deerskin, Brown - ($28.50 extra)

Our Men's Classic Rubber Sole style has been a standby for many years. Choose from our three leather options: double layer deerskin; double layer deertan leather; or for even more durability, soft thick cowhide. Handcrafted using moccasin construction, these leather shoes readily conform to your feet.
A functional lace can be adjusted around your foot. Contoured SorboAir® insoles provide extra cushioning, arch support, and heel stability. These soles, made of genuine rubber, are flexible and lightweight with a slip-resistant surface. These quality soles are both glued and stitched for longer wear. As with all of our footwear, this style is able to be resoled at a shoe repair shop.

Footskins are completely made in the USA of American leathers. Because they are handcrafted with much attention given to detail, you can be assured of the high quality of our footwear.
Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed.

"Have worn the first two pair of Footskins since March 2004. About a year ago I was stranded and wearing the Footskins #425 shoes. When the 3 mile walk home ended I was amazed that these un-assuming shoes left my feet and legs feeling good. No fatigue at all!"
 T.M. from Virginia

"Those are the BEST "house shoes" I have EVER had!....I look forward each day to getting out of my work shoes and slipping into my new moccasins! Your website was the best of all the ones I looked at trying to find some AMERICAN MADE moccasins!"
R.G. from Alabama

"I ordered an identical pair of brown deerskin boat shoes for my Dad. He normally is hard to please, but he loved these. How he could he not love them? They are the highest quality made right here in the USA from USA materials and priced competitively.... So now I'm placing my order. I can't wait to wear my new Footskins. Thank you Footskins. You have earned a loyal customer for years to come."
J.H. from Louisiana

"After searching for moccasins (realizing Minnetonka's quality is suffering), I found you. The Deerskin rubber sole [Style #425] I ordered and received are comfortable, well made, and made in America. I totally love them. Thank you so much for this fine moccasin."
A.R. from New Jersey



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