Women's Canoe Sole Walking Boots

Item #541C

$170.00 - $193.00

These leather-soled moccasin boots are available in either double layer deertan leather or tumbled cowhide for durability.
Priced at $170.00 to $193.00

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Cowhide, Saddle - $170.00
Cowhide, Brown - $170.00
Deertan, Saddle - ($23.00 extra)

If you are looking for comfortable boots, look no further. These 6" inch high leather-soled boots are comfortable enough to wear around your house or durable enough to wear outdoors on natural surfaces. For more rugged terrain or street use, we recommend our rubber-soled boots (Style #541).

Our Women's Canoe Sole Walking Boots are available in either double layer deertan leather or tumbled cowhide for durability - both readily conform to your feet. Boots of both leathers have Poron cushion insoles between the leather layers, leather insoles and thick cowhide leather canoe soles.

For people who want all natural moccasin boots, request in the Order Notes that the synthetic Poron cushion insoles be left out.  We will replace the Poron insoles with leather insoles.  The fit may be a little roomier, so please take this into consideration.

Footskins are completely made in the USA of American leathers. Because they are handcrafted with much attention given to detail, you can be assured of the high quality of our footwear.  Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed. Try a pair, and "You will know!"

From a California customer:
"I have found so many boots to be overmade, so that the foot never moves, all the walking is done with the legs; one loses some of the sense of the land with footwear like that. I know my new boots will not just give me comfort and security, but will allow me the freedom of movement which is important to me...Many thanks for all the assistance, and especially for making such a wonderful gift to the feet!"

From a Wisconsin customer:
“You make the BEST boots I've ever worn! I've been trading with you folks for ten years and I've never been disappointed! The leather 'canoe' sole provides the best feel of the ground upon which I'm walking. I actually can grip the ground with my toes. That sounds like the soles are thin but they aren't. It's just that the materials used, being natural leather, allow me to feel subtle differences in the ground under my feet.... "Footskins" are just that-- they are like walking barefoot with durable skins. It's hard to explain until a person wears a pair! I also like the fact that everything you sell is made in the USA! From the bottom up!”

From a Massachusetts customer:
"Thank you folks for the great fitting moccasins [Style #541C in Cowhide].  Here's to yours and Footskins Health and Longevity."

From a Virginia customer:
"My new boots [#1541C] are beautiful; they are comfortable; they arrived quickly; they are perfect!  If I am ever up your way, I will definitely stop by the store.  Once again, I am very happy with both the product and the customer service."



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